Counseling and Therapy Services in Nashville, TN




Cypress is committed to providing the highest quality counseling to you as we support your decision to improve the quality of your life. Our therapists in Brentwood, TN, believe engaging in counseling is a first step toward a better understanding of how your struggles in life impact you and your relationships. You will find dedicated and skilled clinicians that are warm and open to meeting you where you are in your journey toward health and healing in your relationships – both with yourself and with your loved ones.

Our clinicians are Licensed counselors or are Master’s level counselors under the supervision of a Licensed counselor. Together we provide a number of counseling and consulting services including evaluation and treatment services for children, adolescents and adults in individual, marital, family and group therapy settings. You might seek counseling to target many types of issues:

  • Relationship Issues

  • Sadness/Depression

  • Alcohol/Drug Addictions

  • Sexual Addictions

  • Co-Dependency

  • Parenting Issues

  • Anxiety

  • Grief

  • Spiritual Issues

  • Recovery from Abuse/Trauma

  • Fear

  • Anger

  • Personal Growth & Wellness

  • Work/Life Balance