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Men's Issues

Men’s Issues


From an early age, men receive a myriad of mixed messages about what manhood should look like and how it should be experienced. “Man up. Don’t quit. Be strong. Stop crying. Be a man. Toughen up.” Men are taught that any type of emotion or feeling is a slippery slope towards weakness and despair. 

But is it? 

Coaches look to cultivate passion and drive from their players, and teachers push their students to be their best. How can you be your best when you are “told” not to feel anything? How can you be your best when you deny the most valuable part of your being? This is where the real struggle lies…how does one become who they are truly called to be when society measures your worth only through performance and accomplishment. It’s easy to see why addiction and disconnection are readily available options because it seems like the only viable solution to not feeling when you are called to feel every day. 

Here at Cypress, we don’t talk about “stopping” or “cutting off,” but rather we explore the profound importance of understanding every part of your story – intellect, physicality, and emotional fortitude. The secret to success and well-being is truly knowing the underpinnings of yourself and this is where we begin in the counseling process. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.

The Curious Paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
— Carl Rogers