Counseling and Therapy Services in Nashville, TN




At Cypress, when your child is in need of counseling, we begin with a family assessment to better understand directly from you the problems that are presenting in your home or your child’s school. As the parent, you are an integral part of creating a plan of treatment that will most benefit your child.  Keep in mind that your child’s struggles do not happen in a bubble and can’t be healed just through one-on-one counseling with your child. Cypress counselors want to work with the parents closely as we start to understand what is impacting your child’s difficulties and will continue to pull you, the parent, in to regular meetings to help you be a part of the change that will best support your child’s mental health.  

For young children, play therapy or experiential therapy, is used to help the child explore their problems in their own ways of communicating. Art therapy, sand tray, use of props and toys to help a child process through their struggles has shown to provide great results for the children we work with here at Cypress. Issues in children can include depression, anxiety, behavioral aggression, school problems, peer/family conflict, separation and loss, grief, adoption adjustment and attachment struggles.  

For older children and teens, we try to think out of the box to connect with our clients on their level. Walks at Radnor lake, sessions using music therapy techniques, and other interventions that get us up off the couch usually help clients feel comfortable and able to talk through their problems and to build connection with their counselor.  

If your child is displaying symptoms that are of concern to you, don’t hesitate to call for a phone consultation and together we can help you find the right and best next step.

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