Counseling and Therapy Services in Nashville, TN


Our Mission & Values



Our Mission at The Cypress Counseling Group is to facilitate emotional health and healing through true connection and to allow clients to experience authentic emotions through an understanding of their own emotional needs.

Core Values

AUTHENTICITY. Our first priority as therapists is to live our own lives with authenticity by showing on the outside what we are experiencing on the inside, to allow our true experience of living and feeling to be displayed to those around us. We seek to bring authenticity into the counseling relationship to help our clients find wholeness and balance in their work towards healthy living.

COMPASSION. In the counseling relationship, compassion allows feelings to expand and allows tenderness to resurface. At Cypress, we believe having compassion towards our clients helps illuminate a path to healing.

HONOR. Your story, complete with all its strengths and the weaknesses, is real and true. We believe that honoring all parts of your story are what will allow for real connection and emotional intimacy.

PRESENCE. Presence creates a safe place for clients to explore what is comfortable and what is feared. Presence allows for old wounds to be healed in a setting of care and concern. We will strive for presence in the relationships we build.