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We exist to foster emotional health and healing by facilitating true connection.

Since 2011, The Cypress Counseling Group has existed to help with trauma recovery, depression, co-dependency, anxiety, relationship issues, parenting, addiction, and grief. Our mission is to facilitate emotional health and healing through true connection and to allow clients to experience authentic emotions through an understanding of their own emotional needs.



Areas of Practice

Couple’s therapy

We can’t have relationship if we don’t feel a secure, safe connection with our partner. So many couples reach out to Cypress to help heal their relationship and many times their connection feels frayed and fragile.



Cypress counselors want to work with the parents closely as we start to understand what is impacting your child’s difficulties and will continue to pull you, the parent, in to regular meetings to help you be a part of the change that will best support your child’s mental health.  

Women’s Issues

Women usually seek counseling because they just can't keep doing life the way they have always done it. There is usually a loneliness for self and others, a pattern of experiencing trauma but not seeing the wounds, and an awareness that they have somehow spread themselves to thin. Whether it's in caregiving for others, or wearing too many hats, the pace of life has been too fast for too long.



The wounds of trauma can be incredibly deep. Counseling doesn’t erase your past and can’t take away the trauma, but it can help you begin to tell a new story about yourself. A story of strength. A story of resilience. You will become the narrator of your own story and begin to write a new chapter for your future.

Men’s issues

From an early age, men receive a myriad of mixed messages about what manhood should look like and how it should be experienced. “Man up. Don’t quit. Be strong. Stop crying. Be a man.” Men are taught that any type of emotion or feeling is a slippery slope towards weakness and despair. But is it? 



We approach addiction through the counseling process where we will explore your needs for belonging, connection, and purpose. We want to help you recover the person you were meant to be and re-gain the life you were meant to live, finding hope and healing along the way.


The curious paradox is that when I can accept myself just as I am, then I can change.
— Carl Rogers


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