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Jeff Grossman


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Session Details:

  • $145 for a 50 minute session

  • Ph. 615-308-6318 or Email to schedule appointment

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Jeff Grossman, M.A., LPC-MHSP (TEMP)

Jeff has a Bachelor’s Degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Virginia and Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Richmont Graduate University. He is both a group facilitator and a therapist at Cypress Counseling in Brentwood. Through curiosity, compassion, and perseverance, Jeff invites men, women, and couples to do the courageous work of telling their truth and living fully into relationship.

Using an existential and interpersonal lens, Jeff engages clients through a process of exploring agency and meaning, speaking the truth, and developing integrity in the context of relationship. He helps couples to uncover and rediscover true intimacy. His approach to therapy focuses on facilitating better communication between partners and exploring past wounds that have stunted personal and relational growth.

Jeff offers clients wrestling with life’s ’out of controls’ the hope of understanding how fear and shame govern the process. Through collaboration, he helps clients step into recovery, define and maintain sobriety, and grow in healthy relationships. 

With 10+ years of experience in business management, Jeff is passionate about guiding professional men in sharpening their management and leadership skills, discovering a healthy work-life balance, and increasing their value and compensation in the workplace.

Concentrations: Anxiety & Stress Management, Toxic Shame & Self-Worth Issues, Addiction (Sex, Money, Alcohol, etc.), Getting “unstuck”, Couples & Pre-marital, Professional Development, Group Psychotherapy, Unwanted SSA

Jeff is a member of ACA & AGPA and is currently pursuing licensure in the state of Tennessee under the supervision of Angela Thompson and Carla Babb.