Counseling and Therapy Services in Nashville, TN

Grace Hallock



Grace hallock, M.A., LPC-MHSP (Temp), NCC

Pain. It’s a word, it’s a feeling, it’s a concept. Ultimately, it’s hard to define and can be both elusive and debilitating. Brene Brown says, “The baskets of pain we carry are all different sizes...but when you numb your pain, you also numb your joy.”  I specialize in all types of pain. Are you hurting emotionally or physically? Do you suffer from chronic pain or illness? Could you benefit from feeling seen, heard, and understood? I would be honored to connect with you and journey to a place of healing. As a survivor of both childhood trauma and cancer, I know what it’s like to feel helpless and misunderstood. Pain comes in all shapes and sizes, and as humans, we’ve all experienced it. Pain is REAL, but so is HOPE.




I help clients navigate through the murky waters of anxiety, depression, grief, trauma, addiction, relational issues, chronic pain or illness, and life transitions. Counseling is about gaining insight and understanding of our stories so we have better self awareness and self compassion. I have an integrative, holistic approach that incorporates mindfulness, ACT, narrative therapy, and much more. I work with children, adolescents, and adults and have Theraplay Level 1 training. You can reach me at 615-538-7317 or to schedule an appointment. My rate is $100 per clinical hour (50 minutes) and I have a few slots reserved for clients needing a sliding scale. I heard once that it is only in the valley that the flowers grow, and I believe this to be true. A meaningful, wholehearted life is possible!